from the streets of the community to City Hall

Who I AM

Known by many as “Dhoruba”—my given name that carries heavy responsibility—I’m a Kansas City native who has lived and worked in the City of St. Louis since 2011.

I’ve been in our streets fighting for justice with the Ferguson protesters, and I know firsthand what systemic changes need to happen in City government to meet the needs of the people. I’m not just about the rhetoric; I take action and follow through on challenging issues others might abandon for easier progress and accolades.

I believe our elected officials must be bold and take action to back their rhetoric. Any campaign contribution you can give—in time or money—will help create the change we all want to see.

I support Dhoruba Shakur for 18th Ward Alderman. Young, energetic, a standup righteous Brother. If you live in the 18th Ward Dhoruba will be an excellent Alderman. Please support and vote for Dhoruba Shakur.
— Kevin McKinney

“If I win the election in March, I will be an example for young people in my community in ways they might not see every day.

We are told our only ways out are through sports or hustling….Many of the professionals that look like me leave the community, and some kids don’t have examples of other role models that live among them.

I want to be a positive example not only in my mannerisms but in my profession.”

how you can help

  • Make a financial contribution. We’ll use it to reach those who need to know who I am and what I plan to do for the ward and the City at large.

  • Share who I am and what I stand for with your friends, family, and neighbors in the 18th ward.